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Haj Qasem accompanied Lebanon in 33-Day War: Nasrallah

Haj Qasem accompanied Lebanon in 33-Day War: Nasrallah

Hailing the efforts, services, and braveness of the martyred Iranian IRGC commander Lt. Gen. Qasem Soleimani as well as his tight ties with elements of the Resistance axis, Nasrallah called him one of the main causes and reasons for releasing southern regions of Lebanon in 2000.

"After the 33-Day War he said he was leaving for Tehran and asked us about what we wanted from him," Nasrallah said.

"A group of people is homeless and in dire need for help, we said, when he arrived in Tehran he met our need and everyone found a home in Lebanon," he added.

He also underlined Iran"s role in rebuilding Lebanon after 2006. 

Under the aegis of Iran, its Leader and Haj Qasem, and after the failure of the ISIS, the Resistance axis has a deterrence power against Israel’s threats now.

About the martyrdom of Haj Qasem, he said “his martyrdom showed the true face of the US to our people and government.” He called the US as the ‘Great Satan’ who is leading arrogance in the world.

Nasrallah reiterated that Haj Qasem’s martyrdom will end in expelling the US troops from the region.

He added that Iran’s airstrike in the US’ airbase in Ain al-Asad was just a slap, not the hard revenge that has been vowed, which proved Iranian’s braveness and their military and power of their homegrown missiles.

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