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Ethiopian minister of culture and tourism visit cultural center of the Islamic republic of Iran in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian minister of culture and tourism visit cultural center of the Islamic republic of Iran in Addis Ababa

Her excellency Dr. Hirurt kassaw, Ethiopia’s minister of culture, tourism Made visit to the cultural center of the Islamic republic of Iran on January 1,2020 Heading a delegation which including Mr. Ahmed Mohammad Ali and manager of cultural projects of the ministry.

 Dr. Hirurt kassaw discuss the ways of enhancing the bilateral and cultural relations between the two countries with H. E Behzad Khakpour Ambassador of the Islamic republic of Iran and Mr. Salman Rostami cultural counselor of Iran embassy.

H. E Behzad Khakpour introduce cultural activity of the embassy including ethio- Iran poem evening, photo Exhibitions, film festival, Iranian traditional music performance, free course on Persian language and Iranology (general survey of Iran),  Persian carpet weaving training to the minister.

Ambassador Behzad Khakpour noted that the two countries have signed cultural agreement around 16 years ago. Which give the two countries significant prospects for cultural collaboration  in the future and stressed on the need to start implementing the cultural exchange programs.

Ambassador Behzad Khakpour also invited Dr. Hirurt kassaw to participate on international book faire of Iran that will be held on May 2020.

The ministry pointed out that Ethiopia and Iran have strong ties, pointing to long history of closed relations between the two sisterly country’s adding that in the future will witness a variety of creative activity’s to strengthen the cultural relations between Ethiopian and Iran.

 The ministry also visited Persian carpet weaving training workshop and appreciates a lot the activities of the Iran embassy and expressed her hope  that Iran and Ethiopia bilateral relations would be strengthened in the future through the two countries historical and cultural ties.

the embassy organizes an intensive Persian carpet weaving training course for interested Ethiopian women to learn the elegant art of weaving Persian carpets. the aim of this training course is to create jobs for qualified trainer’s.

Iran and Ethiopia have had bilateral relations for almost two thousand years. These relations were accompanied by cultural exchanges among the people, resulting in the acceptance of both nation’s cultural elements by the other.

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